June 14, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Buying Soccer Cleats According to Your Playing Position

The main purpose of any type of soccer cleats is the same – to help you kick the ball in the right direction. But then why are there are a hundred different models in the shoe market from various brands? Every model is designed a little differently to serve other purposes along with the main purpose. While some of these cleats are tailored to enhance a player’s speed, others are designed for providing support and stability.

Buying a new pair of soccer cleats can be a hassle but we are here to make it a little easier for you with this ultimate guide on buying soccer cleats according to your playing position. Every player has a specific style of playing soccer and you need to identify your playing style. In the majority of cases, your playing position depends on your playing style. For those of you who have
multiple playing positions, pick your shoes according to the position you majorly play in.


Goalkeepers need high traction in their shoes along with being able to move with agility and speed. Pick a pair that is comfortable and offers you support but isn’t too heavy so that you can move quickly. Adidas Predator and Nike Phantom are good options for this position.


Defenders on the other hand need something that offers better protection and sturdiness. If you are a stopper type defender, then go for leather cleats but if you are a ball playing center who often goes forward, then pick out shoes with good grip and control technology. Nike Premier II and Tiempo Legend are undoubtedly the perfect cleats for defenders.


Wingers are all about speed and agility and hence, require shoes that are lightweight so that they can accelerate and change direction without any hindrance. But don’t just go for lightweight, check the grip as the shoes need to have good control technology to aid pinpoint delivery. For Wingers, Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite FG Fast or Adidas X Ghosted are the right choice. They will enhance your speed while giving you the ball control you desire.


Midfielders need to be comfortable as they are required to run up and down the field throughout the 90-minute game. If you are a central midfielder, you are in charge of winning the ball back, moving it on, finding the right player or direction to pass the ball, and shooting it perfectly from a distance. As you need to move around and change directions too often while keeping the ball and passing it on when needed, you need a better traction soleplate that aids control but isn’t too heavy.

On the other hand, if you are a wide midfielder, you need shoes that will enhance your speed such as Nike Mercurial or Adidas X Ghosted, unlike central midfielders for whom Nike Phantom G or Adidas Predator is the right choice.


Forwards are all about the perfect strike and hence, they need shoes that can offer them a clean strike zone and a bit of power for their explosive movements. Go for shoes that offer agility, power, and speed such as Nike Phantom GT or Adidas Nemeziz.