May 14, 2024

Swarna Rajdhani Coaches: Luxury Fit for a King!

Swarna Rajdhani Coaches

There’s no doubt that in the past the Rajdhani Express was deemed as the best way to travel across the country when we use trains. However, whether it’s the passenger’s inability to upkeep the maintenance or the railway’s inability to maintain consistency, we clearly saw the decline in quality. There was an immense decline in quality, maintenance and cleanliness.

Swarna Rajdhani Coaches

Passengers who choose to travel in the first class coaches always prefer Rajdhani express. Whether it’s the speed, the clean coaches or the sophisticated seating; it gives them the travel experience they prefer. After the decline in quality of these coaches, railway authorities have decided to amp up the coaches. So if you’re travelling in this amazing Rajdhani train and want to know the live status of the train, simply download where is my train app to get live location of train without internet. Make sure you don’t miss your Rajdhani train by getting late to the station.

Swarna Rajdhani Coaches

The latest Swarna coaches of the Rajdhani Express are the reason for the term “premium trains”. The first Swarna coaches were unveiled earlier this week at the New Delhi Railway Station. The Railway authorities said,” The coaches have been provided for the Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani. The upgrades were reported to be more than 35 lakh.”  Now let’s have a look at what’s special in Swarna Rajdhani Coaches!

What are the latest upgrades?

Well, the new coaches come with facilities that we’ve never expected to see on an Indian train before. They come with an ‘auto janitor’ system, LED lighting and the interior has received an aesthetic international colour scheme paint job. The LED lighting is said to have improved the illumination and that it adds to the aesthetic travelling experience.

The washrooms have always been a nightmare in the trains. However, the Swarna coaches have better faucets, stainless steel washbasins, improved soap dispensers, high-quality rubbish disposals, and so on.

The First AC passengers can now access the upper berths with ease with the built-in ladders. The CCTV camera installation near the doorways, in the aisles and the storage areas are an added bonus for security. The coach they say is fit for a king also has extra spaces for mobiles, vinyl wrapping of toilet doors, extra mats in the washrooms and polished utilities to make your nature call more pleasant.

Sources say that this initiative would be extended to another three trains. A great pat on the back for the government for improving the journey.

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