May 14, 2024

RAM OPTIMIZER FOR PC: Know How to Optimize RAM!

razer optimizer for PC

RAM Optimizer for PC

In today’s generation, it’s a common view to observe people continuously on their phones or PC’s either on Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, gaming, watching movies and many other works on PC,it gets overloaded and frequently hangs up or gets heated up or the battery drains over fast thus Ram Optimizer comes to its rescue. We at My Green Box are bringing you the best possible solution to optimize your RAM. Read more below!

This app helps to boost your phones by cleaning background processes,stopping unnecessary running apps and thus increasing the lifespan of your PC. This app allows you to free your RAM(Random Access Memory) for a smoother, faster performance which allows you to work efficiently on your PC. The app helps you by boosting your PC’s memory by flushing off the unwanted processes running in the background.

The app consist of advanced monitoring system to stop undesired tasks or works. The app notifies the user that the PC needs a boost and a single touch on the app start boosting the PC in minutes.

razer optimizer for PC

Ram Optimizer is world’s most trusted optimizer thus theapp has many versions to satisfy their users with advanced features to give you an amazing mobile experience. Let’s move on to know this app by understanding its features.


The app is a powerful tool in optimizing your PC by cleaning or removing unnecessary applications and thus freeing your memory or RAM for efficient functioning of your PC.

The app detects and cleans those applications that are creating overheating, thus behaving as a coolant which is a common problem in every PC’s.

It prevents certain apps from being killed in the background,so that you don’t miss your site or some important things that are running in the background.

It provides you with a reminder about the charge time of the PC and leaves a message for boosting your PC when needed when your PC is used the most.

The app has many version to make your work easier.Like, the new version‘Ram Booster v2.0’ will automatically free the memory of your PC when the amount of RAM decreases.Ram Rush is another such version which prevents system crashes, memory leaks and efficient working of the PC. Developers are working hard and improvising the features of Ram Optimizer for better credibility. Hurry up and Download the new versions of Ram Optimizer to make your PC work faster.


  1. DownloadBluestacks on your PC.
  2. Install Bluestakes application on your PC.
  3. Type ‘Ram Optimizer’ in the search bar in Bluestacks.
  4. Install the Ram Optimizer in your PC.
  5. Open and start working.

So this is all about optimizing your RAM for your PC. Make sure you don’t miss our latest posts to be updated.