May 14, 2024

Make Your Maxi Skirts Look Like They Were Made for You

Maxi skirts are everywhere these days, and for good reason: they’re the perfect outfit for those warm summer days. But, finding one that fits your body type and suits your style can be tricky. To help you figure out whether a maxi skirt is right for you, here are some tips to consider when shopping:

  1. Choose your length based on your height

I love maxi boho skirt. They are really great for hot days and beach days. The only thing I don’t like about maxi skirts are when they’re too long. If you are shorter than 5’0″ you need to shorten the length of the skirt. Also, if you are a tall woman you may want to choose a shorter length because you will have to lift your legs to pull the skirt over your hips. If you are a short woman choosing a longer maxi skirt may look ridiculous.

  1. Consider your waist size

One of the easiest ways to make a huge difference in how you look in a dress is to simply change the style. For instance, if you usually wear mid-calf length dresses, consider maxi length dresses or even mermaid skirts instead. Or if you’re thinking about wearing an off-the-shoulder top, consider wearing a cami under it. The result? You’ll look and feel more comfortable in dresses than you ever thought possible.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Maxi skirts have always been a hit and a miss for me. Some of my friends really love them and find the right ones to be extremely comfortable and versatile. Others hate them and look ridiculous. And I’m definitely not in the “love” camp. I just didn’t understand the appeal until a few years ago. One day I decided to give a maxi skirt a chance, and I found myself falling in love immediately. I can wear this skirt from head to toe and feel so comfortable. Even better, I can change the length to suit my mood. So if you want to try out a maxi skirt, take my advice and go for it!

  1. Always try on before you buy

To see if it really fits, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Simply try on some sample maxi skirts (like the ones shown here) at home or the store you plan to buy from.

  1. Invest in a skirt that has a belt so it doesn’t look like a tent.

Whether you’re going to wear a short, midi, or maxi, a good investment is a flattering pair of pants. Make sure you buy a skirt that fits the top you’re wearing. It should end just below the knee. Wear something with a belt and avoid a dressy blouse and a skirt. That means no white pants or dresses if you’re going to wear a pencil skirt, or black pants if you’re wearing a casual dress.


There are certain ways that a maxi skirt can look good on you. But there are also many different ways that they can look bad on you. So, how do you know which type of skirt looks better on you? Well, if you know a few simple rules, you can tell which looks better and which looks worse. Once you’ve got a maxi skirt that looks good on you, you need to wear it more. And the way that you wear it is critical. That’s because when you wear it, the maxi skirts will show off all of your best assets.