May 14, 2024

HR 2025 – Critical Strategies To Look For


HR industry has come a long way! Originated as a means to manage industrial relations in the industrial evolution age, Human resources has come a long way and constantly evolved as the work profiles.

Earlier the focus used to be on wages and fair treatment, now it is about job satisfaction. Earlier there were no metrics to measure, the experts say was considered final, now data has taken over almost everything. Earlier the recruitment was limited to a particular location only, now with the pre employment assessment and video interviews, it is possible to hire even the distant talent to an organization. There now no segmentation of talent groups according to geography, anyone can pursue a career anywhere.

With these changes and the upcoming augmented world coming up, what can we expect from HR 2025? Let’s know from the experts themselves.

The One Who Changes Survives

“Today, technology is bringing a level of intelligence to HR that really thrusts HR into a compelling consultancy role,” – Fran Katsoudas

“If you’re not in a global business now, you’re going to be competing with global businesses for the very best employees,” – Judy Collister from Cleveland-based Park Place Technologies, a data center support company. “You need to create an environment where people enjoy being there and can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Less Like Brokers And More Like Workforce Advisors

“I can envision a future where HR professionals are no longer thinking that their job is to stay on top of current HR trends but to reposition [themselves] to become workforce advisors.” – Jill Goldstein

preemployment assessment

HR As A Partner In A Company

“I see HR lacking, literally, core competency in the businesses they manage every day,” says Amelia Ransom from Seattle-based Avalera, a tax software business.

“HR professionals need to understand something about how business and companies work. What does the CEO worry about? What does the CFO worry about?” – Janine Walter from Epic Holdings.

A Modern Benefits Package To Attract Talent

A package that includes flextime, parental leave, caregiver leave, and all the perks that are necessary to keep the productivity of the modern employee going. As Kathie Patterson from Ally Financial Services said it right, “Recruitment marketing exists now, but given the demographics and importance of attracting talent, more organizations could add those [benefits].”

Keeping Track Of HR News

What keeps an HR going is the adaptation skills and the constant drive to change with the businesses. Know more about online assessments and the trends you need to keep up with in 2025 and you will be moving towards a successful HR career.