May 14, 2024

African Fashion – Amazing Cow Horn Jewellery

For African fashion fans, a little known key is using African cow horn jewelry to match African dressing. It’s incredible just how much use can be produced from a cow horn. The handcrafts could be as numerous as one can create but the primary applications are in jewelry, tableware, office desk items, and toilet accessories. In tableware, they are largely employed as serving forks and spoons, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, sauce boats, legumes and Flower vases amongst others. Along with the cow, the horn is the most authentic vessel for drinking alcoholic African drinks. For your office, you receive ashtrays, letter openers, pencil holders and a lot more. For your toilet, you find combs, soap dishes, shoe horns, and toilet eyeglasses.

Let’s look into African fashion

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It’s in jewelry the artisan mainly conveys himself. As a result of intensive procedure entailed, the crafts guys work on orders if for retail or for the amount. Fundamentally without giving their secrets out, the procedure is as follows. For the most from a cow horn, the Turitu craftsmen begin with a careful choice of big horns imported from the famed Ankole cows of the neighboring nation Uganda. The horn is then sawed into pieces depending on what goods have arranged. The horn is boiled in oil to soften it molded to the desired item. After trimming and cutting fit, it’s sanded, varnished and stained then retrieved to dry. It’s a slow and delicate process that needs many years of instruction and expertise.

Jewelry is the best choice for girls

For Jewellery, the crafts guys usually create earrings, bangles, bracelets, finger rings, hair clips, straps, bracelets, and chokers. They also unite the horn with brass based on their client’s requests. The attractiveness of the horn jewelry is it is lasting, unique, appealing, isn’t fragile and can be custom made. African store providing varieties of Tshirts, hoodies, dashiki for men & women! And you can order up to one desire but they must provide advance orders on account of this delicate and lengthy procedure entailed. And because the horn could be molded into almost anything, the crafts guys also welcome new layouts. But for simple things like rings which don’t demand much handwork, a massive quantity can be generated in a brief moment.

The art guys have been quietly, exporting this jewelry along with other cow horn things such as combs for the previous 30 years to a lot of countries such as the United States of America and Europe. The production is carried out by guys while retail selling is carried out by girls in the regional cultural markets. This small but highly skilled business has made many opportunities particularly for the youth who’d otherwise be engaged in a vice. For some reason, little is known of the Kenyan cabin sector even in Kenya itself. But, with more assistance from African fashion designers, authorities and other stakeholders, the sector may be a significant foreign exchange earner.
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