May 14, 2024

5 Efficacious Time Management Tips for College Students

Poor Time management is a common issue that everyone can easily identify but they don’t know how to solve. Students have to juggle between classes, individual assignments, group projects, taking tests, meeting report deadlines, doing a part-time job, family time, and hanging out with friends. College students most often suffer mental breakdowns especially when they have to meet submission deadlines.

If you want to avoid nervous breakdown and your weekly visit to the therapist, learn to manage your time effectively with the tips below. By implementing an efficacious time management system in your daily life, you will be able to find some much-needed Me time.

student managing time

Manage Your Class Schedule

One of the most common mistakes students make while picking up their class timing for various courses is choosing them with a lot of time gap, believing they will be able to do some extra reading or work on an assignment in between two classes. This usually ends up as a disaster as the 1 hour you get in between your classes ends with you scrolling through those never-ending Instagram reels or Twitter threads.

Instead, take up classes back-to-back. This way you will find more time at the end of the day to work on your assignment or to chill with friends. Larger blocks of time are better for productivity instead of multiple short blocks of time.

Weekly Schedule

Often, you have to skip a class because you forgot about the timing and ended up committing that time to your work. Use the best college schedule creator on your phone or laptop instead of using a diary. If you have your schedule on your phone, it becomes convenient for you to access it whenever and wherever instead of carrying your diary everywhere you go.

Prioritize! Don’t Multitask!

The majority of the students start working on a project or a report at the last possible moment which causes stress as well as deadline anxiety. Coming from a person who used to have severe deadline stress, prioritizing help. Let’s say, you have 3 submissions on the same date then instead of working on all three simultaneously, prioritize them according to the approximate time you will take to complete each of them.

Start with the one that you are confident about and will take less time for you to complete because once you will be done with it you will be filled with a sense of ease. You will also be motivated to work more but if you start with the most difficult one, you will just lose your confidence even more which will waste more of your time.

Night or Day?

Everyone is different. Just because the class topper is someone who studies all night, doesn’t mean you can as well. You need to determine when your mind is most focused and clear. Use that time to work on things courses which are more difficult for you. This will make it easier for you.

Reward Yourself!

Make a list of things that you want to do. When you manage to complete all the tasks in your schedule, give yourself some time off to do the things that you love whether it is eating a tub of that chocolate ice cream or going on a long drive with your friends.